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Denim Shirts For City Boys

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In my last post, I talked about how Walt Longmire’s sense of self should be something you should emulate in your style. But I got some questions about how to take things in a more literal direction: denim.

I’ll never outright condone wearing denim on denim . I think it looks as boring as any monochromatic nonsense. However, adding a denim shirt to your mix of workwear can make any Wednesday (or Tuesday or Friday) a bit more fun.

The quick and dirty version of how to wear a denim shirt is as follows: If you would wear a light blue, wear the denim and see how it looks (very business pro and formal occasions aside, of course). Like it? Good, now you’re dressed. Go to work.

If you need some inspiration, check out these fine lads over on (
I like to wear my chambray with a textured navy tie, tie bar, belt, and khaki cords. I throw on some brown shoes (and some suspenders if I’m feeling fancy) and I’m out the door and headed down town.  For shoe inspriration, check out this neat little pic.  I love contrasting laces!  It really ties the whole outfit together.

For rocking it with a blazer, follow this guide to be sure that you have a look for every season.

These are what makes a denim shirted outfit really shine


It’s funny. I really love this combo (maybe that’s why I wrote about Walt). It feels modern without being unapproachable. And I get compliments every time I wear it. Ladies love that my style gets so “out of the box” and guys dig how easy and uncomplicated it is.

Believe the hype about layering with sweaters too.  It’s effortless modern cool.  The modern gentleman’s take on the old time working man.

Overall, I give the denim shirt 10/10. Would definitely recommend.


I’ll leave you with one final bit of inspiration to take with you:

This guy’s look is worth imitating.

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A Gentlemanly Rebuttal

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I recently stumbled upon this list of characters and how to dress like them ( But I won’t lie this is going to be a short, possibly silly, poorly explained rant and I don’t care.  I’m kinda mad.   I have some issues with the post. First and foremost, they may look like traditional gents, but they sure as hell don’t always act like it. Is that no longer what being a gentleman is really about? I won’t open that can of worms now, but I will say that I think that Walt acts like more of a gentleman than those guys. Gatsby dies for a married girl he dated forever ago, Chuck Bass and Harvey are not that great to be around, and Don Draper? Don is a hot mess and always has been.

Second, isn’t anyone else tired of a modern gentleman being portrayed as a high-powered New Yorker? I want some variety. If being gentlemanly really is supposed to be based on how you act, shouldn’t there be a bit more variety in there?  I vote yes.

To remedy both those greivances in one fell swoop, I present my case for a gentleman character whose style you should be emulating: Walt Longmire.

He’s about as different from those other guys as you can get. Cowboy hat, denim (seriously, why don’t those other guys wear denim?), boots, and a coat. It’s as invariable as the suits those guys choose as their uniform.

But there’s something more authentic about it isn’t there? Less polished, yet more expressive of who he is. He’s a sheriff that works outside in a world not as dominated by sartorial choices but more by how a man acts. His wardrobe perfectly reflects that. That’s true style. Sure, a slick suit would look great, but who would take him seriously or, for that matter, think the man hadn’t lost his mind? Take a page from Walt’s book. Be yourselves, dress yourselves, gentlemen.  Not everyone needs a suit everyday.

This is Walt. You know exactly what to expect.

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