Being a Gentleman is More than Just Ties

apr 01 2014


There are a lot of different ways to be a gentleman. Many men think that it is all about looking elegant and sophisticated, but it is much more than just wearing fancy clothes and expensive ties.

You may be visualizing a celebrity or Don Draper, but still not quite there.

Being a caballero means being in the right behavior and possessing respectable qualities such as modesty and good manners at the table. It is not about being a gentleman in style and fashion; although, you could be fashionable with an eldredge knot and a personalized suit.

Remember that the most important thing is how to treat a lady, you must open the door every time she walks in or out.

Being said that, keep in mind that this refers to how you treat people around you. It is not just a lady, but anyone else. It is about how you relate to people and address them.

Another aspect is the way you talk and the words you use for talking just about any subject. A gent never uses inappropriate language or raises controversial subjects, so you must also be careful with that.

Whenever you talk, always focus on positive topics, not the ones that would cause strong opinions or disagreements. Making sure you are neutral is perhaps the best way to avoid arguments that could make individuals uncomfortable.

A exemplary man is impeccable in hygiene. From your hair to your shinny shoes, every part of your body must inspire purity. In other words, always use a good shampoo, body lotions, etc. Remember that your room must also be very organized, all books by alphabetical order as well as DVDs.

Last but not least is the way you stand and sit. Your position must always be straight, it must show firmness and neatness.



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